John Mayer Solo Tour

Front Row Seats

Nov 23, 2023

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I vividly remember my first John Mayer concert during my college years. The thrill of being in the same arena as a musical virtuoso was unparalleled, even if I was in the last row with a limited view. Back then, every dollar counted, and I was just grateful to be part of the experience.

Earlier this year, John Mayer announced his solo tour in North America. He was scheduled to perform in California when I had to travel to India for my sister’s wedding. Attending his concert seemed impossible, and I had resigned myself to that reality.

However, just before my India trip, I decided to visit my friends in Texas and Chicago. Coincidentally, John Mayer was performing in Chicago during my stay there. I knew for certain that I was going to attend his concert but was undecided about how I wanted to experience it.

I recall that my father was a devoted fan of Jagjit Singh. He had CDs of Jagjit Singh's albums, which he played in the car every time he drove. Although he had longed to attend Jagjit Singh's concert, he waited for the perfect moment to secure the best tickets. Unfortunately, Jagjit Singh passed away, and my father missed the opportunity. To this day, he regrets his decision.

Keeping this in mind, I chose not to wait and booked the best tickets available. I felt a twinge of guilt for a few days and even considered selling the tickets, but there was only one thing on my bucket list—to attend John Mayer's concert and be called on stage (a bit ambitious, perhaps?).

Entering the arena and walking toward my seat was overwhelming as I was literally approaching the stage. The realization struck me hard when I took my seat and could see John Mayer's setup on the stage—his pedal board, amps, cabinets, and guitars.

Despite attending the concert alone, I met an incredible group of people who shared stories about witnessing Mayer perform back in his college days, participating in battle of the bands. They mentioned that even then, everyone knew he was destined for success in the industry.

As we conversed, JP Saxe (who was opening for Mayer) took the stage. It was my first time listening to him, and his vocals blew my mind.

After JP Saxe's performance, the man himself took the stage. As he walked out of the green room and toward the stage, I literally froze. When I asked someone to take my picture, my face started twitching. That's when I realized I was living my dream.

Regarding the performance, it was beautiful. Two hours of pure John Mayer with his acoustic guitar is something we all need in our lives.

It's been a month now, and I can't stop thinking about that one night at the United Center. I'm glad I didn't sell my tickets and seized the opportunity as it came.

For anyone contemplating whether to pursue something they desire, my advice is simple—just do it.

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