To do or not to do?

Feb 21, 2022

1 min


I can’t believe it’s almost March and I haven’t even published my second blog. It’s probably due to the fact that the second semester in college is relatively more mentally exhausting because of the work load.

I have recently started working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the course of Essential Data Skills for Business Analytics (BMGT404) taught by Prof. John Bono. l remember going from knowing nothing about python in my first semester, and asking a friend how to print “hello world”, to absolutely falling in love with python and also getting my first A+. This helps me stay connected with python as all my courses this semester are using R. I also think it’s pretty cool as this is my first ever job in the US even though some of my “close” friends might disagree as they don’t want my work to come in between me and them???? (It’s okay, even I have never heard such bs reasoning before)

Well, I spent the entire winter break working on my portfolio and I completely forgot about this whole “new year, new me” thing. I have never been a fan of yearly resolutions - mostly because I don’t understand the point of NEW YEARS. However, this doesn’t mean I don’t make resolutions - I surely do. It’s just that I don’t wait for our planet to make one orbit around the sun. But, this New Years I actually went ahead and I set up two goals for myself:

  • Apply Moisturizer everyday

  • Fix Sleep Cycle

Oh, if only my mom knew. However, I only applied moisturizer for 14 days and I am still trying to fix my sleep cycle.

Other than this, I do follow something which I started long back - that is to introspect at the end of each day and compare it to the previous day. It may sound “cringe” but I believe that introspection is very important and it allows you to identify your negatives and helps you work on them. I am going to explain this in depth probably some other day but for now I need to catch up on my sleep.

Thank you for reading. Until next time. :)

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